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Shaving Tips for Women
We’ll give you a leg up

If the thought of shaving for the first time brings you out in a nervous rash, don’t fret. Whether you want a system razor so you can change the blades, or a disposable to throw away, our razors are ideal for first timers as they’re quick and safe to use and give wonderful smooth results.

Just take your time, choose the razor that’s best for you and follow our tips.

Chill out

Take a relaxing shower or bath to help open your pores and soften your hair and skin.
Get totally smooth
Use a body scrub to gently exfoliate your skin. This will help stop in-growing hairs and make your skin extra silky smooth.
Use creams and gels
Avoid nasty nicks by using plenty of shaving cream or gel. The razor will glide smoothly and you can see where you’ve shaved.
Go with the flow
Shave in the direction of your hair growth in case you skin is sensitive and prone to irritation. Once you’re confident, you can try shaving your legs upwards for an even closer shave.
Take it easy
Let the razor do the work and don’t push down as it may cause cuts and rashes.
Take extra care
In areas like knees and ankles. Go slowly and gently with short strokes.
Keep smooth
Follow up with a creamy moisturiser for maximum effect and a long lasting finish.
Pick your time
Skin is puffier first thing in the morning, so wait 20-30 minutes or opt for an evening shave as your skin will be tauter and the hair better exposed to a super close shave.
Plan ahead!
If you’re planning a trip to the beach or a special day out, make sure you shave the day before to give your skin time to settle.
And finally!
Remember to change your blades. The sharper the blades, the more you’ll prevent shaving burn or irritation. Depending on your hair type, you might need to change your blades or razor after 5-10 shaves.
Our Quattro For Women Bikini razor is a nifty little piece of kit – shave, trim and transform at the flip of a handle to get great effects and any style and shape you want.
Shaving Tips & Tricks | Shaving Guide |

The Quattro For Women TrimStyle will give you the control and confidence to trim and tweak to your hearts content.

With 4 ultra-thin blades you can achieve a really close shave and the conditioning strips soothe and nourish your skin at the same time. It even comes with a battery, so it’s ready to go when you are! Check out our tips for brilliant results.

Step 1
Have a bath or shower to help open your pores and soften your hair and skin.
Step 2
Prepare the area you want to shave with a good shaving gel to help the razor glide comfortably over the skin.
Step 3
Shave horizontally from the outside in.
Step 4
When you’re ready to trim, choose your trimmer length by slowly pushing up the protective cap at the end of your razor. You can select from 4 different lengths – the longest with the cap on and the shortest with the cap off.
Step 5
Switch on the trim button and when you’ve achieved the style you want, switch off, apply a moisturiser and your prettiest pair of knickers!

Shaving Tips & Tricks | Shaving Guide |