The 10 Step Ultimate Shaving Guide for Men
Make shaving an art form with our guide.
Step 1 :Let your skin wake up. Don’t shave first thing in the morning, have a glass of water first to let the puffiness caused by fluid collection overnight fade away.

Step 2 :Exfoliate before you shave to get rid of dead skin and help prepare the pores for your shave.

Step 3 :Wet your stubble with warm or hot water before shaving. It opens the hair shaft so the blades cut your hair not your skin.

Step 4 :Thoroughly massage shaving gel into stubble before you shave. It not only helps soften the hair, but helps protect against nasty razor rashes and burns.

Step 5 :Make sure your blades are sharp. Dull blades are the culprit for most shaving accidents. A new blade will stop any dragging of the razor over your face.

Step 6 :Use gently pressure against your beard and shave with the grain of the hair.

Step 7 :Shave the most sensitive area of your face first – the neck and below the jawbone – then move up the face.

Step 8 :Rinse the blade in hot water when shaving and use slow short strokes. It’ll stop any drag that the razor may make to your skin.

Step 9 :Apply oil free moisturizer to soothe, protect and invigorate your skin. If you’re using after-shave, check the label for alcohol and be warned that this is the ingredient that makes your skin sting.

Step 10 :Be careful of mentholated shaving products. They may give you a nice cool sensation at first, but menthol, like alcohol, can be irritating to the skin.

Fact Not Fiction

Here are some hairy facts:

  • Shaving, tweezing or waxing does not cause hair to grow back thicker or fuller.
  • Your hair grows in response to individual biochemistry and hormones. Heredity, genes, race, medications taken, physical and mental stress, and diet influence these hormones.
  • Most shaving accidents are caused by using dull and/or dirty razor blades, insufficient preparation of the skin and hair before shaving, and using the wrong equipment and products.
  • A man’s beard contains between 7 000 and 15 000 hairs.
  • Titanium – the same stuff that’s used to coat the Quattro range of razors – is half the weight of steel but triple the strength.
  • Titanium does not corrode when exposed to harsh weather, grease or most chemicals – which is why its coating helps razors stay sharper for longer without rusting.

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